Whoa! One week of nice weather (finally), and a bunch of new entries came in to our Best Line In New York Clip Contest. Good news: due to popular demand and yet another wash-out weekend, we’re giving you more time to enter. Yes… this is the second extension, and it’ll be the last one. Get your videos up by April 1st!

Check out the entries so far:


Brett Conti throws down a back blunt, nollie back heel and ends with a switch fs nose blunt to switch bigspin out.


Scott Sutherland pops an ollie north, nollie fs half cab kickflip, switch 360 flip, fakie 360 flip, half cab kickflip, kickflip and ends with another 360 flip over a gap.


Kyle T repping the younger crowd (in the snow) nails a boneless, nose stall, kickflip, ollie down a curb and ends with a pop shuvit.


Charlie Lamb reps 1998 with a nollie heelflip tailslide, bs 5-0, nollie k-grind, fs 180 heelflip, switch fs 180 kickflip and ends with a 360 flip.


Ryan Santiago goes big with a switch bigspin heelflip down 3, hardflip and then a 360 flip down 7.


Justin Alexander throws out a backside tail to bigspin out, switch fs heelflip and ends with a bs bluntslide.


Nate Rojas takes Jaimie Thomas’s line on with a bs 5050 down the Brooklyn Banks 9, chain ollie, kickflip up curb, 360 flip down 4 and ending with a crook down the Brooklyn Banks 13.

Note: If you submitted an entry but it hasn’t been posted please check your inbox as we may have emailed you requesting additional info or sent you additional instructions.