(L-R) The Concierge, Alex Corporan & Bobby Worrest in Philly  Photo: Derek Rinaldi

Alex Corporan is one energetic individual.  How’s that for an understatement?  If there is a skate contest in New York City, Alex is usually one of the dudes with a megaphone.  If there is a shoe release party, guitar battle or, ‘Hey it’s a Wednesday’ party, his name is usually on the flyer and is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave.

For the past three years, along with his duties at Etnies, Alex has been compiling photos for the Full Bleed book, along with his partners Ivory Serra and Andre Razo.  They had their first party for the book just after the Maloof Cup had wrapped up in the beginning of June.  Then came the Full Bleed gallery exhibit at Milk Studios.  The set up, the opening and then the finale of a week long showing that was attended by upwards of 1200 people.

Two days later, Alex was one of four New York OG’s to celebrate the release of tribute boards from Raised Fist Skateboards and before he had time to get a hangover, he was on his way to Woodward to emcee Manny Mania.

Managing a schedule like this, one has to wonder when there was even time to conceive a child but, then again, you can never be too busy for some lovin’. Maybe we should all take more time out of our busy schedules for the some of the same–with or without the conception part.

Congratulations to Alex and Sheila on the birth of their baby girl, Sydney.  Here’s to a generation of children on the children of your children.

Love & Respect
Derek Rinaldi

P.S. Next round at Epstein’s is on me!!!