Skate N.Y.C. was a legendary skate shop on Avenue A & 9th Street that existed from 1986 – 1991. Previously we’ve only seen photos of the shop until now but we were recently  sent a link by our friend Matt Bass to this 8 minute mini-documentary titled “Apple Juice” made in 1990. The video was found buried in a storage space deep in NYC and features: Harold Hunter, John Carter, Steve Lavergne, Luis Rodrigues, Mike Ming, Jake Aalls, Cosmo Singer, SAS, John Bruce and The World Trade Center.

A true NYC skateboarding relic, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Narration by Steve Schwartz
Filmed by Luis Rodriguez, Ed Narucki, Martha Griffin & S.A.S.
Edited by Joel Klotz
Produced & Directed by John Bruce.

Some additional Skate N.Y.C. images sent over by Matt Bass:

Skate NYC storefront, circa 1986, 9th St. & Ave. A, NYC.

Skate NYC was the first skateboard shop to exhibit fine art. Here's steve with his paintings, and vintage tee he designed for Maxwell's, Hoboken.

Skate NYC clothing catalog cover circa 1991. Harold Hunter pictured.

We made tees of all our team riders. Here's Harold Hunter's hang tag.

Some Skate NYC stickers

Skate NYC team rider John Carter, circa 1988

Skate NYC/Shut Skates/City of NY Parks Dept. contest, Tompkins Sq. Park, 1989

sk8 mutant tee shirt graphic

Skate NYC locals Luis Rodriguez, Harold Hunter, John Carter, Mike Ming, Steve Lavergne, Hector Batista

Thomas Keiji Agawa and Steve Sas Schwartz horsing around the shop

"sk8nyc", acrylic on wood, 62" x 48", ©1995

Another clip we found via Throw Up The Horns:

Huge thanks to Matt Bass for sending this over! Please check out his SK8FACE film about skateboarding graphics/art and the artists & innovators that created them.

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