We started noticing kids riding distinctive white & red Fairweather boards and met up with one of the founders (Bryan Davis) to get the scoop. Here’s what Bryan had to say about the latest New York-based skateboard company:

So Fairweather is a group of 5 friend that got together to do their own project (Robert Russell, Ross Clugston, Chase Massingel, Robert Wakeland & Bryan Davis). We all met by skating together and over time it became a tight group of friends. Graphics are thought up and/or produced by the group itself. As of now everyone is getting a shot at graphics and shortly a series. Basically all members are equally invested in the project and things are starting small with a goal of keeping it all fun. The background of the group consists of art directors, photographers, CGI editor & all are skateboarders with probably close to 100 years of skating under their belt, collectively. At first this whole thing was put together to ride our own boards created by us, with little to no intend on selling any, but with some support we are hoping Fairweather might become it’s own little monster. – Bryan Davis