RedBull concluded their 2011 Manny Mania World Final here in New York City today down in Coleman skate park. Skateboarders from all over the globe were flown in to compete throwing down sick variations of manual tricks up and down the Manny Mania setup. Congratulations to Sewa Kroetkov (Netherlands) on taking 1st place! Below are some photos from throughout today’s contest. Don’t miss tomorrow’s Pro Contest starting around 11AM!

Contest Results:
1st Sewa Kroetkov (Netherlands)
2nd Francesco Marconato (Italy)
3rd Mads Christensen (Denmark)
4th Sebastian Walker (USA)
5th Manuel Etchegoyen (France0
6th Márten Rapp (Sweden)
7th Robert Kocjan (Slovenia)
8th Dmitrii Rodionov (Russia)
9th Gonzalo Saravia (Argentina)
10th Luis Guillermo Vascones (Peru)