Photographer Michael Cirelli has released a 140 page book titled “Skate Lair” including 198 skate photos. The forward for the book was written by Rodney Smith from SHUT skateboards, along with quotes from other key skateboarding legends. Photographer Michael Cirelli spent 3 years following the Skate Lair Crew everywhere to get these photographs that feature skaters such as Erik Munday and the Skate Lair family, Rodney Smith and the SHUT family, Todd Jordan, Luis Tolentino, Charlie Wilkins, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Nardelli, Dan Pensyl, Willy Akers, Tombo Colabraro, the 5Boro family, Peter Bici, Jeff Pang, Jamahl Williams, Rob Campbell, JZ from Natural Koncept, Chris Kays, Tato Feliciano, Mike Powley, Jim Grant, TJ Schick, JJ Colon, Oscar from Bodega Skateboards, The Bodega Family, Mac Johnson, Killer Cam, Josh Arnold, Jeff Barnes, Alex Maldonado, Tim Crouse, and many more! Here’s a little clip with Michael introducing the book below:

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