The February/March 2012 Skateboarder Mag cover features Brian Delatorre popping a huge frontside ollie on a NYC rooftop bank. Andrew Peters shot the photo, here’s what he had to say:

“After a rainy morning, Brian and I got itchy feet to do something, anything. My friend told me he had some sort of bank on his roof, so we figured we would check it out and see what he was talking about as all the streets were still drenched. Once we opened the door to the roof, we immediately got a bit too excited, myself running around looking for somewhere to shoot a photo and Brian running back and forth throwing out frontside ollies. I ended up hanging off the side of the roof without even noticing what I was really doing, I was just excited to take a picture on our so far dreary day. I look back at this and realize how close I must have been to falling off the roof and it kind of ‘eeks’ me out. Not to mention, if Brian kicked his board out someone could have died below. Luckily we both got away unscathed, with a picture, but I think our roof skating careers might be over with.” —Andrew Peters