Jamie Clifton interviewed Jason Dill for the Vice Fashion blog. Read what Dill thinks about bad skateboard fashion, Supreme, Streetwear, his company Fu@#ing Awesome and his latest work with Vans Syndicate. Some great Dill quotes from the interview include:

“Luckily I was young then, so that’s my excuse for dressing stupid.”

“I just wish I wore exactly what Ray Barbee wore in the Public Domain video, every day.”

“I constantly shoot myself in the foot from a business standpoint actually
because I make it for sale but at the same time I don’t want you to have it.
It’s a bit of a personality disorder company.”

“Most of what I make is totally fu@#ed, I don’t expect you to like it.”

“I wasn’t going to make until I saw people’s negative reaction…”

“Mass appeal scares me the most because I hate the masses,
so letting FA go for a while made sense.”

Read the full interview here.