Chris Nieratko has an interview with Zered Basset discussing his recent departure from his 10+ year sponsor – Zoo York. Chris’s intro to the interview is pure truth:

…Zoo York held a very special and important place in the hearts of East Coast kids–it was OUR brand. It has been difficult watching the company’s demise over the past few years beginning with their absurd series of Ashton Kutcher ads right up to present day Kate Upton ads. I long ago realized Zoo York was not, and never will be, what it was in the 90s and early turn of the century, but I took comfort in knowing that their skate team would always remain top notch. Guys like Aaron Suski, Eli Reed, Ron Deily and Zered Bassett carried that torch for the bygone era, but as is the case when outside parties try to get involved in skateboarding for profits, things fall apart. – Chris Nieratko

In the interview Zered lays down the situation as it unfolded throughout the past year. He’s also keeping his head up high and looking forward to the future which includes Vicious Cycle II – “Vicious Sequel” and a guest board with UXA. Read the full interview here.