Today we’re kicking off a week-long contest (ending 7/1/2012) where the winner will receive a free NOVO watch. NOVO recently hit us up to check out their selection of watches and we liked what we saw. Some cool different pieces in a variety of prices ($160 – $240), the ABSOLUTE in black caught our eye first and is definitely our favorite. They’re a company out of Canada that started from the ground up and continue to make quality watches for active people. When we asked them to describe NOVO to our readers they responded: “NOVO watch was created to remind us of our true passions and it defines us while we’re not skateboarding”. “NOVO watch is more than just a company… it’s what defines us and is a reminder of the times that raise the hair on the back of our necks”.

Visit the contest page for details on how to win one for yourself.

About NOVO Watches:

Back in 2009, NOVO watch was nothing more than some drawings and an idea consuming me. Practicing action sports in the summer and winter, I was frustrated that I couldn’t get my hands on a timepiece that symbolized that aspect of my life. Why did it seem that no matter how unique or intriguing a watch looked at first, it felt like everyone ended up wearing the same thing? I was looking for something different, and I realized I was looking for something more than just a watch—something to remind me of the exhilaration I get from pushing a sport to the limits and to remind me to let that passion push the rest of my life to the next level. It was with this epiphany that ideas and drawings started to flow and momentum started to build.

These ideas and drawings turned into plans and prototypes. Two years of meticulous attention to detail (and a plethora of powder days) later, NOVO watch became the company you see here today. Along the way we’ve picked up a collection of athletes, artists, friends, and characters who enjoy life for the same reasons NOVO watch was created. The watches we make inspire us daily with memories of those times in life that raise the hair on the back of our necks. They are a symbol of the moments in time we killed it and a reminder of the need to do it again. People on the outside don’t quite understand why we do what we do, but we understand each other.

NOVO watch is more than just a company, it’s what defines us.

Welcome aboard.

– Steve Christensen

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