The impressive Vans Bowl-A-Rama NYC lineup was recently announced. Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC is the first ever North American tour stop added to the international professional skateboard bowl competition series. Launched with the aim of growing the international professional series, the competition/festival will be a showcase of the best bowl skaters in the world and the amazing skateboard lifestyle. Read the amazing roster listed below:

Pat Ngoho
Sergie Ventura
Steve Caballero
Nicky Guerrero
Lester Kasai
Eddie Elguera
Lance Mountain
Mike McGill
Eric Nash
Tony Magnusson
Christian Hosoi
Jeff Grosso
Chris Miller
Jeff Hedges
Steve Alba
Mike Rogers
Duane Peters
Bob Pribble

Pedro Barros
Nolan Monroe
Rune Glifberg
Kalani David
Bucky Lasek
Josh Rodriguez
Otavio Neto
Charlie Blair
Kevin Kowalski
Josh Stafford
Sky Siljeg
Nilo Pecannha
Steve Pineiro
Jack Fardell
Marcos Garbiel
Rion Linderman
Alex Sorgente
Mike Owen
Joshua Borden
Ben Hatchell
Greyson Fletcher
Zach Miller
Dannie Carlsen
Sam Beckett

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