We spent the past week clicking through everything posted in 2012 so we could give you NYSKateboarding’s Best of 2012. We’re kicking off part 1 with some of our favorite/most popular NYSB exclusive videos.

This clip was one of the quickest turnarounds all year. Steve hit us up for an exclusive interview at the freshly reconstructed Coleman Skate Park (aka LES Park) and we jumped on the subway and headed straight down. We arrived a little early greeted by groups of kids surrounding the outsides of the fences just salivating to get in and skate. Walking into the new park is an experience we will remember forever – it was only us and the security guard inside the fence at first, then Steve showed up and filmed a few things with Josh Stewart. Soon after we got down to business with the interview. We were thankful to capture a true piece of NYC Skateboarding history in this interview!

Alex Corporan hit us up to interview John Cardiel about his new line of bags at Chrome NYC. We’re all huge fans of Cardiel and jumped on the opportunity. The interview was rad as hell, Cards is definitely one of the realest dudes ever. One of our favorite moments of 2012, definitely!

We headed down the 5Boro office during their launch of the “Join, or Die” deck series and video drop. We interviewed the whole team – seriously enough footage to do a documentary on 5Boro. Hurley consolidated everything into this 3 minute clip. We then followed up this clip with Part 2 & Part 3

When we heard about KCDC closing up shop on N11th street we were heart broken. This is our local shop and has been for several years and we were uncertain if KCDC would definitely come back to Williamsburg. Then a few months later than expected Amy confirmed that KCDC had found a new home on N3rd street. We setup an interview and headed down to introduce everyone to the new KCDC. Thanks again Amy for making time for us on that crazy day!

We entered into the iPhonetage world with this one. The new skate park opened in Canarsie Brooklyn so we headed over and gave everyone a virtual tour via our iPhone. Can’t forget to mention that Eby pulled off this run about 15x before we got the final clip. Expect more iPhone footage in 2013.

Last but not least… our 3-year party was super special to us and we were stoked to be able to spend it with everyone. The dunk tank, mad skating, water guns, drinks and Crif Dogs all thanks to House of Vans! The NYSB family was in full attendance along with all of our amazing contributors & friends. Thanks again to everyone who came out!


More Best of 2012 will be posted throughout January.