It’s been a few months since we did a First Look of London Planetree Skate Park (aka 88th St Park) in Woodhaven, Queens. It’s not officially open yet but we headed over to 88th Street at Atlantic Avenue to check it’s progress. The skate park itself looks to be done with the exception of some of the fencing around the park area. By the looks of everything we can definitely see it opening by Summer (fingers crossed).


click to enlarge panoramic

Sorry tranny lovers, the park itself is a pit-like street plaza (not even one quarter pipe), all cement and every ledge is edged with metal similar to the Far Rockaway park. Everything ranges from the small to mid size, nothing too big. What makes the park unique is the long brick bank which unfortunately has some skate stoppers along the top edge (not sure why they did this). The flow of the park is super smooth and has a chill euro-gap, multiple size manny pads and ledges of all heights. Enough explaining, check the pics below to see everything for yourself.

As of this past weekend the park is not open to the public so if you’re going to “check it out” please be extra careful. It might be smart to avoid the park at peak hours as the flow is great but not so great when it’s crowded. We’ll keep everyone posted if we hear anything about the official opening. Congrats to all the Woodhaven heads on their new park!