The second Bum Rush the Spot skate jam went down at the Williamsburg monument spot this past Sunday (5/5/2013). BRtS is an unique skate event where a location is selected, spread via word of mouth and everyone shows up to skate on a specific date. It’s truly a skate jam for the homies by the homies… no pressure, just skate! The goal of Sunday’s BRtS was to bring NYC brands together, promote the opening of the new 2nd Nature skate shop in Bushwick and have an old school skate jam.

BRtS-Brooklyn-Seq_0002  BRtS-Brooklyn-Seq_0003

@IamYourVillain and friends put together something that everyone could have fun with, from using the natural slappy curbs and stairs of the the Monument Spot – to building a launch ramp that was setup to a ledge. They also built and dropped a 22ft ledge that went down the double set. Sponsors including: 5BOROHOPPS, SHUT, TORRO, IRON CLAW, TRAFFIC, us (NY SKATEBOARDING), THEORIES OF ATLANTIS, BONES BEARINGS, AND 2ND NATURE SKATE SHOP gave away product not through a typical product toss but to reward dope tricks.

BRtS-Brooklyn-Seq_0005  BRtS-Brooklyn-Seq_0006

After the sesh was complete they packed up the ramps. Another BRtS is set to happen next month so keep an eye on our events calendar. For anyone who couldn’t make it we have some dope photos via @IamYourVillain. Joe Bouillot is also working on a video recap, we’ll post that once it’s up.