TWS’s NYC Rising video series by Richard Quintero wraps up with a montage for the 4th part. The montage includes (in order of appearance): Stefan Janoski, Danny Supa, Shawn Powers, Danny Fuenzalida, Ben James, Bjorn Johnston, Gabriel Summers, Richard Angelides, Nestor Judkins, Curtis Rapp, Clark Hassler, Ron Deily, Zered Bassett, Walker Ryan, Gavin Nolan, Mike Powley, Nolan Lee, Dave Willis, Kevin Tierney | Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatorre, Joel Meinholz, Jordan Trahan, Piro Sierra, Richard Angelides, Anthony Pappalardo, Antonio Durao, Nick Sassa, Pat Rumney, and Billy Mcfeely. Watch the montage embedded below, check the other vids here.

NYC Rising Montage