Where does one begin with someone like Jay? Jay has been documenting skating in New york for longer than I can remember. One just has to look at “La Luz” and “Brick and Mortar” to see Jay not only films skateboarding, he films the experience that is the New York City skate lifestyle and just the New York experience in itself.


For all his talent, you will not find a more humble and sincere individual than Jay. I see Jay often nowadays, filming and photographing the Skyhigh/Colossal crew hand-painting murals throughout the city. We often talk on the good old days of skating and NYC, gear and just life in general. I can never decide what I like more, his ability to film the stories that make up the NYC skating experience or how sincere of a individual Jay is. Thanks Papo, next cafe con leche is on me bro! – Peter Pabón



The Basics:

Full name? Jay Maldonado

What year did you start skating/photography? NYC around 88/89 I started to skate, in 97/98 is about when I started to shoot video… but 2008 is when photography came into my life

This or That:

Film or Digital? Film! It’s like saying vinyl or mp3… however I shoot digital

Canon or Nikon? Canon all day

Heelflips or Kickflips? Heelflips

Grinds or Slides? Slides

Regular or Goofy? Goofy

Nollie or Fakie? Nollie

Pants or Shorts? Pants

T’s or Hoodies? Hoodies

Hi Tops or Lows? Lows

Trucks Tight or Loose? Loose

Backside or Frontside? Backside

Pizza or Tacos? Pizza




Location Stuff:

Where r u living currently? I’m currently living on the NYC lower east side

What’s your favorite spot of all time? In NYC? Brooklyn banks cause growing up that was the spot.. so many great memories

Who do you like shooting in NYC? I don’t shoot skaters currently just walk the streets shooting people – candid photography


Bus Must Be Running Late

Firsts & Lasts:

Camera setup?
First: It was a Canon hi8 camera can’t remember the model
Last: Canon 5dmrkII 24/70mm

First: Public Enemy
Last: Don’t have one

Skate Website?
First: don’t have one
Last: nyskateboarding.com, skatedaily.net & quartersnacks.com

Skate Crew?
First: Basically anyone skating in the late 80’s/90s in nyc
Last: Anyone 35+

Skate Mag?
First: Big Brother RIP
Last: Slap

First: Heelflip
Last: Switch f.s flip


Chicken Bus

NY Favorites:

Favorite skate spot in New York? Brooklyn Banks the small portion

Favorite skate shop in New York? Benjis

Favorite NY based skate brand? 5Boro being @ my top, how ever (NY based skate brand ) all bring their own different flavor to the city, so it’s hard to just like one, that being said. i love them all for different reasons.

Favorite crew or person to skate with in New York? Growing up i spent most of time skating with Rodney torres, Geo moya, Ricky li, keith harrison, & Chow, Malachi R.I.P

Favorite New York based movie? Manhattan (Woody Allen) & King of NY

Favorite New York based skate vid or section? Eastern Exposure & Zoo York Mixtape

Favorite thing to do in New York off the board? Shoot photos

Favorite place to eat in New York? Don’t really have one

Favorite bar in New York? MAX FISH


Mid Day Nap

NY Opinions:

What makes New York different than other places to skate/shoot?
We have a great back drop (the city) so shooting here is a blessing & basically it’s just an amazing place

The Good of NY? It’s 24 -7
The Bad of NY? Too many people

Portrait of Jay Maldonado by Peter Pabon

Portrait of Jay Maldonado by Peter Pabon