We were on vacation for the past two weeks and had the site on autopilot… hopefully you didn’t notice except for fewer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram updates. Now that we’er back let’s catchup on some posts. First we want to congratulate Pat Rumney for officially getting on Supra, peep the intro clip embedded below.

Next we were stoked to see Queens own Joseph Delgado in a Video Checkout by Transworld. Make sure to watch the whole clip, his ender trick at Flushing is bananas.

Quartersnacks now has vinyl stickers available in the US. Anyone remember or still have those clear stickers that used to be all over the TF back in the day? Here’s some info on how to pick them up for free.


OG – Spencer Fujimoto breaks down the process of creating El Senor’s “7 Wonders” collection with Timbo on dose. The full collection now includes the Lockwood bench & table, Hubba Hideout, EMB, Christ Air, Brooklyn Banks and Love Park.

PAPERMAG has published “An Oral History of Max Fish” by James Rickman & Elizabeth Thompson which includes some great Max Fish stories and history.


That’s all for today but we have some great features ready to be posted in the next few weeks. We should have some new NY Clips up as well, can’t believe it’s already been a month since we posted the last one.