Sunday, September 21st was the last day of Dew Tour including the Streetstyle finals out front of the House of Vans and a local shop contest out back. Clouds were thick but the rain held out and the contest went on as scheduled. The Streetstyle course spanned a good amount of Franklin Street taking over an entire block with some crazy obstacles to skate including a car and a soda machine turned on it’s side. We did a little skate through here (embedded below). In the end Trevor Colden took 1s place – winner of the Dew Tour Streetstyle Finals.

Thanks to Mountain Dew, Vans, Alli Sports and all the other sponsors for hosting the Dew Tour in New York, we had a great time and got to watch some great skating all weekend. Some clips and photos for anyone who couldn’t make it the 2nd day below.

The Course:


Sunday’s Streetstyle Contest:

Streetstyle Results:
1st – Trevor Colden
2nd – Evan Smith
3rd – Ryan Decenzo


Local Shop Contest:

Shop Results:
1st – 2nd Nature
2nd – NJ Skate Shop
3rd – KCDC


Photo Recap via Ray Llan0s:


Photos via Danielle DeJesus:


More Photos: