Mighty Healthy has announced their new Gino Iannucci collection, watch the promo clip, read the intro and check out some of the collection below.

Despite notoriously being the quiet type, Long Island native Gino Iannucci loudly proclaimed his arrival to the skateboarding world with a choice backside heel down the infamous Gonz Gap at San Francisco’s landmark Embarcadero Plaza. With the entire industry forced to take immediate notice, Gino would quickly cement his legendary status in just a few short years with a grip of mind-blowing schoolyard and downtown lines in numerous classic video parts. The gold standard in style, Gino’s take is unique; always fluid, never forced and even when sketchy, it’s undeniable. Having adopted a more underground presence away from the spotlight in recent years, every bit of Gino coverage is a gem and hits like a ton of bricks. Untouchable.

A collaboration long time in the making, Mighty Healthy is proud to present an exclusive Gino Iannucci collection. The capsule, comprised of pieces inspired by Iannuci’s unique & fluid style, is the hallmark for the brands 10th year anniversary. A relationship that began brewing in 1989 culminates right here.