Thursday, February 26th was the last KCDC Skate Night of the Winter. For five weeks straight KCDC opened access to the private LIC Keyholder Spot each Thursday night hosting an open skate with free PBR and sponsored product giveaways. The spot was cold and dusty but hundreds of people got to skate indoors escaping the snow and slush outdoors. Zoo York was this week’s sponsor having Black Dave perform and they also gave away some product.

Big thanks to KCDC the bartenders, security and all the sponsors (Jenkem, PBR, Red Bull, Zoo York, Western Digital & Coda) for making the night happen each week. So much respect to Pat Smith, Ben Beasley and everyone who helped build this amazing spot, we’re sad to see the doors shut on this DIY Winter wonderland forever!

Photos via Chris Miller: