The new concrete skate park in Long Beach, NY is just about complete. They recently posted up an aerial shot of the actual park on The New Long Beach Skatepark Facebook page. Concrete is currently curing and should not be skated for a few weeks. Project is officially set to be completed by the end of Summer.


ATTENTION: The concrete should be kept damp and free of traffic for at least 28 days. With the anticipation that surrounds the construction of a skatepark this may be difficult, but the slow undisturbed cure process is critical to keep cracking to a minimum. Although hardened concrete appears to be cured within a few days the appearance is deceptive as the concrete is still quite fragile. At a minimum the concrete should be allowed to cure for 7 days before being used, but we strongly recommend a full 28 day cure daily saturating the area with water in order to keep random cracking to a minimum. We also find that having lawn sprinklers saturating the park during daylight hours actively discourages unauthorized use. Your patience will pay off in the long run.