Here’s an exclusive first look at the new cement skatepark in Long Beach, NY (2-98 W Pine St, Long Beach, NY 11561). The park sits right near the water in between a boat launch and and a hockey rink. It’s actually just a few hundred feet away from the old prefab Long Beach skatepark which is still up and skateable (if you’re into metal ramps).

The design is pretty generic. It consists of a medium sized bowl up top and a narrow street section below including: two hubbas, a long 4-stair rail, euro gap, funbox, two rollers, one tit and a flat bar – all flowing into a horseshoe bowl.

The flow of the park is similar to Far Rockaway but on a smaller scale (fast down and push hard to get back up). The bowl is fun but has an awkward flow and includes a horribly placed channel. Either way the park is a huge upgrade to what Long Beach had prior. It’s free, no pads or helmets required, very close to the LIRR and has parking right outside the gate. Pics and some video below so you can see everything for yourself.