Words & Photos by Matt Kruszelnicki

 On October 24th, RedBull hosted an invitational jam at Lost Bowl- a hidden backyard dreampark in the southside of Richmond, Virginia.

Pat Lowery started working on his backyard in 2010 with just a pool, and with help from many locals and visitors it has grown into a full skatepark since. We’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to LostBowl during our first bicycle trip to Florida in 2012. It was our first experience with such a backyard scene and the vibe that comes with it. Over the years we have returned to LostBowl, stoked on the progress and grateful for everyone that we met & spent time with there. There is a strong skate community around Richmond, and it stretches across generations and state lines as well. Most recently, we were there exactly one year ago and with the help of some sponsors, were able to help fund and build an important phase of the backyard. We stayed for over a month, learned a whole lot, made lasting friendships with some amazing people, humble & rad skaters, and experienced builders alike. Shoutout to everyone that showed us around, housed us, took us out or gave us goodvibes & goodtimes! Special Happy Birthday to Bernie Mcgrew!


Now, with Redbulls’ Chris Nieratko & Scott Gallo, LostBowl’s finishing touches were funded by the #SpotSupply program, in time for this epic anti-contest.  21 skaters were invited consisting of pros, ams, local legends and hungry up and comers, to skate in short heats and culminate in a 30 minute all out jam to Slayers’ Reign in Blood album. Spectators came from all over, neighboring states and across the country to support this truly backyard style sesh- complete with beers, babes, pups, firepits, food, good vibes and so much shredding. There were no judges.


The skaters were asked to judge themselves and here are the results:

1st place: Cody Chapman (Santa Cruz Skateboards)

2nd place: Chris Russell (Creature Skateboards)

3rd place: Kevin Kowalski (LifeBlood Skateboards)

4th place John Gardner (Creature Skateboards)

Cash prizes were also awarded to DIY God Willy Akers, local heroes Josh Swyers & Jake Hillbish, and last minute entry & young blood Sean Plundeke.




John Gardner (Creature Skateboards) Boneless into the pool

Chris Gregson (Blood Wizard Skateboards) fronstside flip over the ladder


Jack Fardell (Enjoi Skateboards) nose manual

Alex Sorgente (Pocket Pistols Skateboards) backside flip


Josh Borden  (Santa Cruz Skateboards) nosegrind

Ben Hatchell (Shipyard Skateboards) half cab front blunt


Thanks to everyone else who made this possible: Patrick Lowery and housemates. Travis Pulley. Bernie McGrew and everyone involved in building over the years. RedBull Virginia, Gavin Denike from NHS, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, OJ Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, Venue Skateshop.