Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead, which he led for 40 years, left an undeniable impact on skate videos.  The song “Ace of Spades” has been used multiple times in several videos. In honor of Lemmy’s legacy here’s a look back at some of the best skate parts set to Motörhead:


Song: “Iron Fist” – Motörhead
Video: Real to Reel, Real – Dennis Busenitz


Song: “We Are the Road Crew” – Motörhead
Video: New Blood, Zero – Jon Allie


Song: “Ace Of Spades” – Motörhead
Video: Snuff, 101 – Opening Montage


Song: “God Was Never On Your Side” – Motörhead
Video: United By Fate, Globe – Paul Machnau


Song: “Ace of Spades” – Motörhead
Video: Yellow, Emerica – Brad Hayes & Tim Brauch


Song: “Serial Killer” – Motörhead
Video: Really Sorry, Flip – Geoff Rowley Intro


Song: “No Voices In The Sky” – Motörhead
Video: Propeller, Vans – Geoff Rowley

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