Name: TJ Schick

Age: 26

Hometown: Warwick, New York

Current Borough: Queens

Stance: Regular

Years Skating: 15

Sponsors: Butcher Skateboards, Savage Urethane

Hey TJ, congrats on your new part! How did that project come about?

When I started riding for Butcher it was to be a part of a local company, so there was an opportunity to do a video part with a lot of control over what got filmed and what got used. At 26, I know it won’t get any easier to film for video parts, so I wanted to make sure I made something I could look back on and be really proud of.

The clips I filmed of you were all in Winter Bowl, how long have you been a key holder there?

I was one of the original keyholders—I picked up my keys the first day they were available. I wasn’t one of the original guys involved in the planning of it, but luckily one of my vert buddies put me on pretty early.


What’s the deal for anyone reading this, how can they skate there?

The only way to skate there is to be invited with a key holder. It’s a private spot that we plan on having there for a long time—that means we’re pretty strict about the rules. I know it comes off as a cool-guy thing, but I think if you look at private spots that have come and gone you can understand being protective.

How did you get into skating in the first place?

I was in middle school the last time that skateboarding became a mainstream trend—I actually rollerbladed for a few months just to hang out with my friends, who were all at the skatepark. I think my “career” just ended! Anyway, my brother and my friends were all skaters and they made sure I got a board for my next birthday.

I first met you at Weirdwood in Maine, you were killing it! Do you get to travel around a lot?

Thanks man, that trip was the best!

I sort of fell into owning a car here, which is a little uncommon. Thanks to that I have the opportunity to travel a lot, so I do try to skate everything I can. I work full time, so its mostly here in the Northeast, but I still love to explore. There’s a lot to skate around here, I think its dated to think otherwise.


So what’s your day to day life like?

Pretty average, honestly, but thats me. I live with my girlfriend and our two dogs, we have a nice little practice family with them. I work full time and try to skate as much as I can.

What’s your favorite place that skating has taken you and why?

It’s definitely a nostalgia thing, but Skate Lair bowl in CT. Skate Lair was a great skate shop outside Hartford, CT, where I went to college. It had a tight 4ft wooden bowl in what should have probably been a storage room, and they just had these amazing sessions there. There would be like three generations of shop locals there on some nights. I got to be good friends with the owner, rode for his shop, and definitely built a lot of memories in that bowl.

What’s your favorite spot in New York?

Probably Winter Bowl or Chelsea. I haven’t been to Chelsea in months now, but its awesome to go there and see familiar faces. Those guys are good at being consistent locals, better than me.

Who do you find yourself skating with these days?

I can be pretty anti-social, so I skate alone a lot. It’s social laziness more than anything, I just get a chance to go skate and I go without telling anyone.

What’s your best Butcher (Sebastian Wiley) story?

I don’t think I have anything too exciting, but I know he’s always planning something. I’m sure we have some good trips ahead of us!


Favorite thing about living in New York?

I really appreciate getting to meet people from such diverse backgrounds. I’ve lived in a few different suburbs, and I just wasn’t exposed to range of different lifestyles the way I am in the city.

What’s your board setup?

I ride an 8.5 butcher with 54mm Savage urethane wheels, Indy 149s I think, Rush bearings, mix match hardware, and whatever grip tape is free. I like shaped boards, but I usually just stick to the popsicle.

What do you like to do when you aren’t skating?

I’m happiest when I’m traveling with my girlfriend and our dogs. I like getting out into nature or checking out a new town—I guess exploring in general.

Any shout out’s or thank yous?

Ashley, Sebastian at Butcher, Jeff Dietz, Jon Falls, Marshall Nicholson, and you for filming! Rob Campbell for the wheels, Robb Nordstrom for the bowl, Erik Munday for the old bowl!