Starting last October we teamed up with KCDC and Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg Brooklyn to host a weekly event on Sunday nights. Each Sunday we would take over Nitehawk’s Lo-Res Bar and watch skate videos old and new. Sponsors each week would create a custom playlist and hookup some lucky attendees with product. Nitehawk hooked everyone up with free popcorn, drink specials and a cozy spot to close out the weekend. Nearly 20 events later we’ve decided to hit the pause button with future plans to start #BKSKATENIGNT up again in the Winter.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us through the weeks and of course thank you to Margaret, Joe and Jeff from Nitehawk for taking care of us each week! Huge thank you to all the sponsors: SHUT, DC Shoes, Prize Fighter Cutlery, DGK, TORRO!, Mighty Healthy, Levi’s, Zoo York, Krooked, Theories of Atlantis, GRO, All I Need, Sleep Skateboards, Nimbus and UXA.

Tonight (3/20) will be our Season Finale with special host/sponsor UXA showing E.S.T., Rubbish Heap and A Love Supreme. We hope you can join us one last Sunday night!