SHUT Skates, who has partnered with several notable collaborations over the years has done it again. This time they paired up with NYC based nomadic skaters known as the Gnarmads. The decks feature the classic SHUT shark teeth design mixed in with beer drinking, skateboarding, and a four armed elephant. The design is a nod to what is basically a religion for the Gnarmads: That life is for living, and the best parts of that mantra are skating, traveling & sharing your favorite beverage over good times with good people.

As Gnarmads we’ve been through a lot, and in many places. From cycling across the US and organizing community events to repairing skateparks nationwide and in Cuba, there’s always been one skate brand was behind us since day one, supporting all we do no matter what it ends up being. We’re talking about SHUT skates, the original Street Posse that took over NYC in 1986.

They began doing what we do long before we were around, paving the way for us to continue the gnarmadic mission. Today, we’re taking what we’ve learned from them over the years and applying it all over the world, in all industries.

We’re stoked to introduce our very first collaborative board with none other than SHUT, the OG of NYC. We’re honored that they have always had our backs, and have now paired up with us to make this dream a reality.

Life’s for living. GNARMADS