Resilient- that is what we are. Sure, skating takes dedication, determination and athletic skill, but it is resilience that best defines Bronx skateboarding. Endurance and progression distinguish Bronx skaters. Battle for the Bronx is a leading example of both- this is one of the longest running skate contests in NYC, which continues to explore new depths and grow with each year. On Sunday, June 12, 2016, the 8th Annual Battle for the Bronx was held at the 157th Street & River Avenue skate park. This event was presented by Indigenous Skateboards, a Bronx-based skate company created in 2006, to highlight the local skate scene. Indigenous Skateboards was joined by others sponsors- the Harold Hunter Foundation, MSA, Wepa Hardware, 5th Avenue Skateboards, and Bulls Wax. Steven Cales, a NYC pro who paved the way for NYC skaters by introducing East Coast style to West Coast brands, hosted the event. Steven’s Brooklyn energy and expertise were welcome additions to our Bronx event. In attendance were notable NYC skaters like Rodney Torres and Danny Supa, as well as some relatively unknown skaters like Luis “Chucky” Morales.  Chucky, a 15 year old from New Mexico, placed first in the Native division at the All Nations Skate Jam in Albuquerque, N.M., and won a round-trip ticket to compete in the 8th Annual Battle for the Bronx contest.

This year’s Battle for the Bronx offered several divisions in which to compete, each offering multiple cash prizes. The divisions included an AM Invitational (participants were selected based on the amount of votes received for their posted Instagram clip entries), an Open division (for those not invited; the top 10 advanced to the Invitational), a Local Bronx division, and a Best Trick division. In celebration of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, which also took place on June 12th, the top scoring Boricua skateboarder, Kenny Gonzalez, won a round-trip ticket to compete in the 2016 World Series of Skateboarding’s Prince of Puerto Rico contest.

This year, Battle for the Bronx closed with a small product toss and to the big sounds of local punk band, “Between the Rain.”  The 8th Annual Battle for the Bronx contest was a fun and exciting time for all in attendance.

Resilience. Endurance. Progression.  Battle for the Bronx will return in 2017, with special guest judge, Manny Santiago.  Stay informed by visiting or follow us on instagram @battle_for_the_bronx.

Contest Results:

Invitational – 1st Chris Pierre, 2nd Kenny Gonzalez, 3rd Mike Berdis
Bronx Division – 1st Brandon James, 2nd Arron Saldana, 3rd Marlon Ramos
Best Trick – Mike Berdis
Prince of Puerto Rico Trip – Kenny Gonzalez

Words & Photos by Bert Correa
Video Filmed & Edited by Javier Lopez