Almost a year after we posted the original construction pics… a closer look is way overdue! By now, you’ve probably skated it or at least seen some videos and photos from the park. In case you haven’t, below is all the info you need to know about the place along with some spot porn for you to feast on.

Cooper skate park is located in Brooklyn at Maspeth Ave. between Olive St. and Morgan Ave. The redesign was part of a $2.8 million renovation by the city. It has a simple setup that offers rails, ledges, manual pads and some decent transition even if it’s capped by the city’s notorious “Under 6 ft” rule. Pads are not required and it’s open from 6am-4am everyday except Sunday when the park closes at 12am.

The flow is pretty difficult for skating when it’s crowded, pretty much anytime after 11am. If you go early you can take more advantage of the entire park without worrying about colliding into a biker or an 8 year old on a scooter. Best bet is to go early on a weekday if you can. With the new McCarren Park set to open soon, hopefully it might even out and keep both parks fairly fun to skate at all times.

Fun fact:
The Park is named after Peter Cooper,
who invented Jello.






Additional Photos: