Words by Matt Kruz
Photos by Oscar Alejandro, Cornphoto & Matt Kruszelnicki

Go Skateboarding Night happens only once a year on the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge. The bridge connects Brooklyn & Manhattan, and skaters gather at midnight to hang, skate, and support each other during an anti-contest: a true jam where all skaters are there for fun, and receive prizes for landing tricks, creativity, steez, failed but determined attempts or just for skating the entire time. Its not about first or last place but about everyone participating, skating, and encouraging one another.


The event started over 3 years ago, sitting on the bridge between Nolan Lee and Bogdan, talking about how awesome it would be to bring up a ledge to skate. The idea quickly turned into an event and has been growing annually since. This time, Nolan and crew came up the bridge from Brooklyn with a ledge, and we trolled up from manhattan with NYRAMPCO’s kicker and police barricade. We all converged in the middle and warmups started immediately.


The jam began just after midnight and skaters were throwing down for over two hours- more skaters amassed as the night went, and spectators came to cheer everyone on. There was no podium finish, but all who skated got prizes or cash, not singling anyone out.


After the initial jam, we had a long ollie contest over the barricade, pushing it further and further after everyones attempts- we didn’t measure the distance but it was a burly gap! Check the video recap from Brett / Fortune for a taste of what goes on at Go Skateboarding Night, and hope to see y’all at the next one! Follow @goskateboardingnight for updates.


Cheers to everyone who came out to skate, support, or just spectate. Huge thanks to all of the sponsors donating product and cash.. in total we gave out over $200, boards, clothing, and accessories from: POW!! Skateboards, Gnarmads, El Señor, SHUT, Fortune, Ethik, Shrug Life, & Life ValetShoutout to Tyrone of Dah Shop for being the first BMXer involved, with a lofty backside 180 over the barricade!