Yet another pair of non-skate skate shoes. Not sure what my fascination is with this type of shoe is, but it’s becoming my go to style when I’m off my board and shooting. The DC Heathrow is another one of those casual – athletic inspired shoes that exceeds in this department. Pretty straight forward design and comfortable. Using DC’s Unilite sole and Ortholite insoles, I can spend my day running around on my feet and the last thing I’m worrying about is my feet. They’re light weight and come in a assortment of colors, which again are on trend (ugh, I hate that term!)


I give them a 9 for comfort, the combination of the DC Unilite and Ortholite insole, just make this an amazing shoe to wear all day. 7 for style, not to say they don’t look good, but  it’s a staple silhouette that most brands are doing, so you have to make up for it else were, which they do in comfort! The price is pretty good, around $69.95 at most retailers, it’s a perfect shoe to send your day when you’re off your board.