The other day a friend mentioned to me that style doesn’t seem to matter as much these days. That he sees a lot of technically difficult tricks go down at his local park, but with terrible flailing and rigid ugliness that it just makes it unbearable to watch. I told him to watch Tom Asta skate. After seeing his pro spotlight in Transworld and his part in LRG’s 1947, it’s no stretch to say style still matters, and Tom Asta is doing an excellent job of proving why.


We met up with Tom after practice on Saturday and sat down to do a short interview. After a few minutes of talking it was obvious he’s a calm, level-headed dude who enjoys the opportunities he has but he’s thinking well beyond the after party. Happy to be back on the east coast for what he calls a “mini-vacation,” he just clinched the Super Crown so no matter what happened last Sunday, you’ll be seeing more of him when SLS head’s to LA next month. He also spoke a little about his part in the new Santa Cruz video, check out the video for more.