Pushing around the neighborhood I Photo: @mightyhealthyny

The great thing about winter in New York, especially February, is that things slow down a bit. Just enough to catch your breath. It gives us a chance to reassess things and take inventory of what’s going on in our lives. Sometimes, it allows you to see something that got lost in the shuffle, like this interview with Gavin. We did this interview over emails in the midst of the Neighborhood Pusher video being released by MightyHealthy last year. For whatever reason, it never made it to the light of the internet and when I came across it on my computer I figured what the hell…the answers are still true why not get it out there? So without any further wait here’s a little more info on the technical wizard from the east coast.

Name: Gavin Nolan
Hometown: Boston 
Current Location: Brooklyn 
Sponsors: Zoo York, Mighty Healthy, éS footwear, Venture Trucks, Autobahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, el senor, Bones bearings 

Being from the East Coast, well actually Boston…name 5 of your favorite skaters from this region?
Brandon Westgate, Andrew Reynolds, Stevie Williams, PJ Ladd,  & Keenan Milton because I like what they have brought outside of just skateboarding. 

You’re a very technical skater, are you picky with spots or are pretty comfortable with whatever?
Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a particular spot but I’m down to try and skate whatever spots everyone else is feeling it’s more fun that way.

What’s your favorite line you’ve ever done and what influenced that trick selection?
A line I did at eggs in a bones bearings part it was mostly all down hill and it was a fun route to take.

If you could only skate one spot for the rest of your life what would that be?
Midtown is like one huge spot so I’ll just say there.

How has life changed since getting on Zoo York and Mighty Healthy?
A lot more traveling and filming.

Do you feel more responsible now than before you were sponsored?
A little bit I have deadlines for parts and other projects it’s all fun tho Im grateful to be able to do what I do. 

 Great job on the Neighborhood Pusher video and your welcome part. What was your experience like filming for those two videos? Thanks. Mostly cruise through the city and try to skate spots that appealed to me.

Were there any tricks that were left undone that you wanted to do for those or did it all come together how you wanted?
I don’t think there was anything else I wanted to get that we didn’t. I was hyped to have some tricks of the other dudes on the team in there.

Do you ever make a trick list for a part or do you just go with whatever feels right any given day?
Usually skate in the city get some ideas and try them. 

Everyday is filled with decisions, what was the most important decision that led you to where you are today?
Skated everyday and didn’t get distracted by all the other stuff people can get distracted by.

Photo: @mightyhealthyny

What’s been the worst purchase skating has led you to make?
I don’t really buy things too often maybe a pair of pants that didn’t fit well or something like that. 

You get to travel quite a bit now, what’s the number one spot for you?
It’s amazing to see new places but NYC is so big so many buildings I like skating around the buildings.

Who do you like traveling with?
Dave Willis is really fun to travel with he’s a funny dude he’s always hyped.

 What’s a day of traveling with Gavin Nolan like?
See what the squad is feeling. Go get some coffee and probably hit the streets from there.

Any shout outs or thank You’s?
I really appreciate anyone who has helped me out along the way thank you!