I had just finished up nine and a half hours of teaching skateboarding lessons when I got a text reminding me about the Making It Happen Premiere later that night. Ordinarily, an hour train ride from Lefferts-Gardens to Greenpoint at the end of the day is the last thing I want to do but I remembered meeting the film’s director a couple months back. Ricardo Napoli and I had both been artists featured in the adidas “the Showcase” events in 2016. We met during a video shoot and he showed the trailer to Alex Corporan and myself. It hit me like a blockbuster hollywood movie trailer where you instantly can’t wait for it to hit theaters. The quality of the filmmaker speaks for itself.

The homies celebrating with Ricardo Napoli (far right)…a successful night and great video. I Photo @digimil

The list of skaters in the video is made up of known local rippers while some names will be unfamiliar to New Yorkers but well-known in Brazil. The rest of the skaters in the video come from Florida, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa.

Joseph Gil and Carlo Carezzano I Phto: @digimil

Carlo Carezzano leads things off with an impressive full part. Some remarked that the style of the video was like an evolution in the line of Josh Stewart. When the video made the switch to black and white, it was nearly seamless to the eyes.

“I’m not drunk but was this video in black and white this whole time?” – John Bee

Keith Hardy evading the media I Photo: @digimil

The Woods I Photo: @digimil

Beyond just being aesthetically pleasing, the skating was easy on the eyes as well. The crowd seemed pretty happy, especially after the free beer supplied by Tecate. The Woods is quickly becoming THE spot for skate related events in Williamsburg after the closing of Black Bear Bar last year. With Dillon Collins at the helm the venue has seen art shows and video premieres with the promise of more to come in the very near future. Thanks to Labor Skateshop, The Woods, & Tecate for sponsoring the night. I may have been out later than I’d like to admit, it was definitely worth it. Congrats Ricardo, the full video left me excited to go skate. That’s my favorite kind of skate video.

Dillon Collins has you covered I Photo: @digimil