The signature shoes hung throughout the space in an homage to shoes on powerlines I Photo: @natewastaken

Words and Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller.

Last Thursday adidas hosted a party celebrating their collaboration with cult photographer Ari Marcopoulos.  This team up features a limited edition footwear and apparel capsule as well as a 26-page zine named “Aight.”  The capsule includes a dope blue bomber jacket and limited edition Seeley’s. 

The Bomber Jacket remains an iconic item. I Photo: @natewastaken

Ari Marcopoulos is a Dutch photographer who moved to NYC back in 1980.  He quickly became a notable documentarian and over the next few decades rose to a cult status.  Ari consistently captures moments of every day life and presents them as dramatic works of art.  Basquiat, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and Andy Warhol are just a few names that propelled Ari into cult status.  In 1994, when Supreme opened their doors, Ari began documenting some of the skateboarders they supported as well, including Harold Hunter.

Taking a different approach at Blubba I Photo: @natewastaken

“Aight” features Ari’s 90’s skateboard documentarian style, with a modern touch, pairing skateboarding and fashion on the same page.  A video was also realeased in lieu of the collaboration featuring the likes of adidas team riders Mark Gonzales, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Lowry, Nestor Judkins, Frankie Spears and friends. 

Appreciating hard work I Photo: @natewastaken