Esteban Gomez with air to spare I Photo: @natewastaken

     Words and Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller     

      KCDC Skateshop recently hosted their 7th annual Skate Night on March 30th 2017 at The Gutter with some bowling action and a mini ramp Best Trick Contest. GQ even got in on the action and covered the story.  The turn out and turn up were both very real with twenty teams signed up for the bowling tournament in one room, while guys and girls destroyed the mini ramp built by Pat Smith from Coda Skateboards in another room.

Pat Smith, Dylan Goldberger and the homies I Photo: @natewastaken

Somehow the worst thing that happened was the Ryan Dunn-Jackass tribute where one fateful soul was almost eaten by the Pin Collector (official name?).  We bowled, we drank, we skated, we screamed, we laughed, someone probably cried, but most importantly, nobody got hurt! We have HUF and Jenkem Mag to thank along with Coda Skateboards, Sizzle Pie, PBR and of course The Gutter for helping make the whole night possible.  The ultimate thanks goes out to KCDC Skateshop for organizing the whole event and continuing to put these things together for the community!  You can sign up for their newsletter over at to stay informed on upcoming events. Highlight of the night would have to be the guy doing 900’s on the flat bottom of the mini.  Classic.  Thank you skateboarding.