Loose laced I Photo: @thewastedtalent

Can’t say when was the last time I wore a pair of hi tops, let alone canvas ones but The Matchcourt Remix High are fairly comfortable for a minimal shoe. Honestly, been wearing them for four days straight now, which is rare for me as I try and mix it up on a regular basis and the only thing that keeps me in any pair of sneakers is comfort first, then looks: these offer both. Lately, I’ve been on the comfort side of things with my day-to-day attire, thank God it’s become socially acceptable to wear sweatpants and hoodies in public! These go well with my sweats as well as jeans. What do I know? Everybody wears boosts and sweats, so guess it’s a thing.

Top down view I Photo: @thewastedtalent

Comfort – I’d say 8-9, I’ve worn then for almost a week and I’m ok with them for a few more if need be.

Skateability – Can’t say really, as I’m an old fart and my skating is mostly to the train and back, or to get stuff from the store. Besides, everybody skates now, just look at how many people wear Vans’ Old Schools and Thrasher hoodies now on the L train – skating is so trending now! Adidas did coat the Ollie and flick zone with a layer of a suede like material, so I’m sure they skate well. So, 7-8 for durability and skate?

Looks – I don’t know, I like them a lot and have worn them 4 days straight, I don’t ever do that – so 9?

So to sum it up, The Matchcourt Remix High, they’re about $70 and they look good and probably skate good too.