Here’s a closer look at the “Push Art” show curated by DJ SMOKE L.E.S. at the new Point Green space in Greenpoing Brooklyn. “Push Art” captures the intersection of the art world with the skate world featuring seven artists from the old-school to the new—Lurker Lou, Paper Skaters, Silas Finch, Rodney Smith, Pat Hoblin, Ian Reid, and Jake Shellow—and seeks to act as a retrospective of the underground skate scene from photography to sculpture to painting. The show has closed but we shot some photos for anyone who couldn’t make it down.

| Photo: @nyskateboarding


Paper Skaters

“Lurker Lou” Sarowsky

Rodney Smith

Pat Hoblin

Ian Reid

Jake Shellow

Silas Finch


Show Curator DJ SMOKE L.E.S. | Photo: @nyskateboarding