Kyle Hamilton getting set to introduce his new play. I Photo by: @michaelemasonphotos

Kyle Matthew Hamilton is well known for his skateboarding and acting, but you might be surprised to learn he has added playwright to his résumé. Righteous: The Skateboard Play, was presented to an invite-only audience at SKATEYOGI in the Prospect Park-Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn. The play is set in 1989, transporting viewers back to a time when arena demos and contests were the norm. Kyle not only wrote and directed the play, but also plays the role of the main character: a professional skateboarder caught up in the rockstar lifestyle of it all.

Reality always catches up with you I Photo by: @michaelemasonphotos

During an important contest, Kyle’s character is confronted with the truth that his ex-girlfriend(played by Eden Malyn) is now with his best friend (played by Joshua Bass) and feels betrayed. In typical rockstar fashion, Kyle’s character forsakes dedication and practice for self-destructive habits. He throws emotional tantrums and blames everyone around him. In his struggle to win his last contest, he even tries to corrupt a young fan (played by newcomer Aaron Latta-Morissette).

This is why they say never meet your heroes I Photo by: @michaelemasonphotos

The play is well written and brought to life by a cast that blends comedy seamlessly with the serious dramatic points the two-act play hits along the way. Aside from the substance of the play, the set design believably brings viewers back to a different time in skateboarding. It was awesome to see someone combine their talents to offer something that is legit in skateboarding but appeals to everyone. If you plan on bringing kids to future shows, just have a little parental discussion about profanity.

Always impressive I Photo by: @michaelemasonphotos