The weather this week has felt like fall is here already and my inbox is already starting to fill up with the new lines from some of the major brands. There’s one brand in particular that always scratches that itch of nostalgia and my own “golden years” of skateboarding and that’s és footwear. Menikmati was THE video for me and my friends when it came out, so when this new collab video with DGK Skateboards started off with a remix of that famous intro song it was enough to get my attention before the first trick was even popped.

Juan Moreno with a steezy switch flip. I Photo: és footwear

The lineup itself looks good. The combination of classic silhouettes with a splash of Dirty Ghetto Kid style makes for a look that isn’t blatantly hitting you in the face with logos. On the ollie area of the Accel mid-tops there’s a hit of gold lettering just begging to be skated off and lathered in shoe-goo to keep the shoes going past the expiration date.

Dirty Ghetto Kids coming up. I Photo: és footwear

Overall it’s a good looking collection that’s sure to be popular with fans from both brands. Look for them online or in your local skateshops as we quickly make our way towards September and hoodie weather.

The loser of this game walks away shoeless and penniless. I Photo: és footwear

Apparel on point I Photo: és footwear