Professional skateboarder and artist Dave Willis aka “Black Dave” & TJ Mizell, son of the late great Jam Master Jay and tour DJ for artist ASAP Ferg, reached out to the TORRO! crew to participate in the “NO ENDS” event that took place on August 12th, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY.

What a turnout! There was a fun skate park built for the event, live performances, Arcade games laid out all over the place, Food, drinks and people from everywhere filling up the giant warehouse space. We had a blast! Thank you Dave Willis and TJ Mizell for including TORRO! Skateboards. Here’s a quick recap of our session. Featuring Rodney Torres, Jhionn Moreno, Wee man, Leo Heinert, and Nika Kopa.

Filmed by Dmitry Brylev
Edited by Rodney Torres
Music “Plain Jane” by ASAP Ferg.