Chrome Industries SoHo location I Photo: @digimil

Inside the SoHo brick & mortar store of Chrome Industries, past the latest bags and apparel, people filed in on Friday, February 16th to see the latest solo exhibition from NY artist Maximilian Mueller. The show, titled “Ride On!” featured new paintings, prints, & drawings from the artist who has been showcased nationwide.

Max and JZ Radical I Photo: @digimil

In addition to Chrome Industries offering space for the exhibition, the event was also sponsored by Old Blue Last, Arizona, & Ace Coffee. Guests were treated to free drinks and live music courtesy of Takt & Grand Kemist. With a solid set of beats to back it up they took the audience on a lyrical adventure reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Spitting out complex stories rather than favoring simple hooks of mainstream music today.

Takt & Grand Kemist I Photo: @digimil

Mueller’s new series incorporates collage and is a departure from his previous work that relied heavily on the use of vibrant color palettes. In his latest offerings, the artist uses a muted palette of blacks and reds layers taking his familiar characters to new places previously unexplored.

Ride On! I Photo: @digimil

This event brought out a more diverse crowd in a refreshing way. There was a fresh energy that seemed to send the message that this is only the beginning for the NY scene in 2018. We’re looking forward to see what else is in store for New York as we march steadily towards Spring.