The new Jenkem book has taken up residence on our office coffee table.

It’s Monday and that means its time to go through some of the latest and greatest things that have arrived in our mailbox and feature the one that’s got us most excited for the week. Today’s pick is the new book from Jenkem, Vol. 2. The second edition is a follow up to the digital magazine’s first print publication. Filled with stuff that didn’t see the spotlight of the world wide web, Inside the hard bound cover you’ll find interviews and features that will keep you actually reading a real life book. For those of you who are more of the picture book type, there’s plenty of eye candy for you. Take a look at the video trailer below to see what we mean.

We’re partial to the section titled New York City: Moments on the Move starting on page 240. The photos from Max Shafer capture some great moments with our favorite city as the backdrop. To check out more of the book you can visit the pre-order website.