Join us and adidas tonight at Max Fish as we celebrate five years of Spencer Fujimoto’s brand: El Señor. The first jewelry company dedicated to and inspired by skateboarding hits a major milestone. The party kicks off at 8pm hosted by Alex Corporan, Big Jim, Sam Parks, & Josh Zickert. 

Melt is sponsoring the infamous eating contest tonight, so show up hungry. Another sponsor added to the list for tonight is Long Island’s newest skateshop, Utopia out in Hicksville headed up by Dan Pheo. If you didn’t know, Pheo is also known as @lazyassdestroyer and for his artwork, including the coffee guy character featured on the past few months of Skate Night fliers. With all of the sponsors, an anniversary, and the return of decent weather to the NYC area, tonight is full of reasons to go out and celebrate with the homies.