In 2005, 5Boro skateboards put out a promo edit with appearances from Ed Driscoll, Danny Falla, Willy Akers, Dan Pensyl, Robert Lim, Charlie Wilkins, Justin Barnes, Joe Tookmanian, and Steve Rodriguez. The video also included bonus full parts from Dan Pensyl and Robert Lim showcasing the Belmont ledges. After a brief intro from an aerial view we get into the skating edited montage style.

The credits give props to everyone involved in making 5Boro, including Mark Nardelli, Tom Colabraro, Justin White, and of course Steve Rodriguez who produced and directed the video. Instead of your typical bails and fails, the credits features a bunch of NYC spots as seen from the eye level of a skateboard traveling through the city.

Can’t forget the bonus content from Dan Pensyl, and Robert Lim along with the Belmont ledges.