Shut x Whalebone collab cruisers I Photo: JP Guilbert

SHUT Skates and Whalebone mag put out a limited edition collab in the form of 50 cruiser decks. The simple black and white illustration graphic will be available on the Whalebone site. Burton hosted the event, raising money to support the Chill foundation. Chill was founded in 1995 by Jake and Donna Carpenter who also founded Burton Snowboards. The organization works with youth agencies to benefit kids in need. They introduce young kids to board sports in 15 cities across the world to teach resilience, perseverance, and other life skills.

Simon, Natalie, and the crew enjoying the night. I Photo: JP Guilbert

Thanks to all the sponsors for supporting the NY skate scene: Burton SOHO NYC, Montauk Brew Co., White Claw, Receptra Naturals, ACE trucks, Trophy Grip, SHUTNYC components, RockStarBearings, Arizona Skate, LOS, JP Guilbert, DJ Sikky and Life Valet.

Thank you also to the Burton Staff for making this night happen.