Boards For Bros provides free skateboards to those in need. I Photo: @mrfunkychild

Last Saturday, Boards For Bros’ New York chapter held its first of many free skate lessons at the Martinez Playground in Brooklyn. The lessons are in partnership with Meseroll Shop located right next to the park, more commonly known as “blue park. The lessons take place from 9:30am until 11am as to not get in the way of the afternoon crowds.

The lessons give beginners a chance to learn new skills and meet other novice skaters. I Photo: @mrfunkychild

Several parents brought out their little ones to get a leg up on learning the basics. Not to be outdone by their offspring, a couple parents decided to try skating as well. It was a chill vibe and as the more seasoned skaters showed up to skate everyone was respectful. The class thinned out as the afternoon crowd took over on what was the nicest day of spring so far.

@simonvasquezj looks on as Allison works on her balance. I Photo: @mrfunkychild

For those interested, follow @boardsforbrosny and @meserollshop for dates of future events. We know there is one planned for this upcoming Saturday, same time, same place. Boards are available for anyone who needs them, and yes…they are for keeps. Some helmets and pads are available for anyone afraid of injury, but people are reminded that it’s a part of skating and to get comfortable eating it at times.