The man behind the lens

Name: Los Estrada
Age: 41
Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY
Current Location: White Plains, NY
Years skating: 35
Current skate setup: Labor Deck 8, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels Formula 4, Rockstar Bearings, Jessup Grip, 88 Hardware.

What’s up Los? Did you enjoy the holidays?
Yeah for sure. Family time is always Crucial.

For those that don’t know, what is your involvement in the NY skate scene?
Just a local Skateboarder from NY, that’s been helping, pushing, mentoring and shooting people in skateboarding.

How did you get into skateboarding?
I had found a skateboard when I was 6 back at home in Peru and I just started riding it and i haven’t stop skating since then.

Dean Mendez flying over a makeshift diving board. I Photo: @los4vws

Who or what influenced you becoming a photographer?
My friends. I just love seeing how stoked they would get when i took a shot of them and their reactions meant everything to me. and that’s why i keep doing it.
When you’re shooting photos, what is that process like and what do you look for in a “perfect shot”?
Well I find this to be a funny question mainly because for those that I have taken shots of I don’t set up at all I just happen to get it at a random moment which is how I like to do things. An as far as the perfect shot well I can’t predict that mainly because I like things to happen naturally but I do like to fill the whole frame.
Do you prefer film or digital?

What’s been one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?
I did something for Vans and it was pretty dope taking pics of all this kids from the city for 4 days and seeing their perspective on how skateboarding is now was great.

Do you see any young photographers coming up that you are into?
To be honest and I’m sorry for this but i haven’t been paying attention much on those people but we should all support each other.

Nosegrind in Gotham I Photo: @los4vws

Have you had any nightmare experiences when shooting photos?
Yeah, At this recent Nike DamnAM contest at LES i was shooting the entrance stairs that they had set up for the last trick section and this dudes board flew from the top of the stairs into my foot and i was done, I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time in skateboarding and photography?
To appreciate people for their time and all the things that led me to understand them more and myself and life as well.

If you could shoot photos with any skater who would it be and why?
I would have to say TJ aka bones and mainly because I have watch him skate since he was just a tiny little kid in the Bronx with me. And to see him become that dude is the best. I remember him sitting down at Throggy asking me how do you do kickflips Los. and if he would be pro some day. everything that we talked then has become reality and I’m super stoked on all of that. Dreams do become Reality, If you work hard at it. Love you Kid.

What’s on the horizon for 2019?
Traveling again and just more stuff with the Homies and hopefully bigger things in skateboarding.

Thanks for letting us interview you, any thanks, shout outs or parting thoughts?
I like to thank you and the rest of the NYSkateboarding crew. much love and respect. shout outs to Henry from Sports Boutique, the 2nd Nature crew the whole BX. Just keep doing you.