John Hill heads out to Gerrittsen Beach to visit Seba Skatepark. This forgotten relic of a skatepark stands as a reminder to a time when this was a city or towns BEST effort at providing a park for skaters. It’s easy to forget how spoiled we are now as far as parks go. Yes, every park that gets built still has some issues and you can never please everyone. But damn, can you imagine if this was how Cooper turned out?

The description on the NYC Parks site is laughable claiming to combine “plaza style skating” with “west coast.” Sadly, I’m pretty sure in small town, middle America places are still getting these built. That being said, it’s not unskateable, as illustrated by John in his video. But this probably isn’t a spot you’d make a day of. If you live near Sheepshead Bay, it’s worth a shot but Canarsie is neearby and such a better set up. Maybe with all the space available, a revamp of this park might be a good project for anyone looking to make a change.