Brett Conti



Brett Conti Changing Lives with John Hill (2017)

Brett links up with Josh Kratz for an early morning sesh at Cooper Skatepark before linking up with John Hill to check out a charity organization giving back to people. Follow him along for the ride on this episode of Brett and the City.

Is Brett Better Than a 5th Grader?(2017)

We'd all like to be that grom that rips way beyond their years. Most of us convince ourselves that we are, too. That is until we actually step up and realize we aren't getting any younger. Brett did just that with local 11 year old skateboarder, Jiro from NYC.  They...

Brett Conti’s Biggest Rail!!! (2017)

If you only know Brett Conti from his Vlog, than you may not be aware of his skate career. He's ripped for years and still goes big on occasion. This rail is pretty beast and the sacking didn't stop him.


Brett played the apartment hunt game that most New Yorkers have to play. Find a place that's in your budget, avoid the scams, and then play goldilocks finding the spot that's just right to be your new home. In this vlog, he sets up his new home and as always manages...


Brett Conti talks us through his search for a new apartment in the New York City market. Tribeca skatepark footage and some friends hangout in Brett's latest vlog.


Brett Conti has been jetsetting all over avoiding the winter weather. His latest travels find him in Medellin, Columbia along with Dillon Collins enjoying the epic scenery, food, and skateparks. Itching for a vacation but a little short on dough? Live vicariously...

Back in NYC! w/ Brett Conti (2017)

It's only fitting for Brett, who spent a few weeks away from NY in a sunny, warm locale like Los Angeles to return just in time for a blizzard. Dubbing the slushy streets as what looks like "a dirt slurpee machince exploded" Brett attempts to snow skate at Blubba and...